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"Matt is great with cars he has worked on all of mine, gets the job done in a timely manor, great prices, friendly, and professional I recommend Matt and Clete's Auto Service to anyone looking for a honest mechanic to get the job done."


"My wife and I were hit with a huge load on our 2012 Dodge Journey all at once, it didn’t help that we hit a curb in the snow, we had a big project in front of us. I got at least 4 or 5 estimates on repairs and it all ranged from 3800 to 4500, and it was only to fix half the things Matt did. In the end I got out paying half price on double the amount of work, the best part is, is it was good quality work, Matt is prompt and great about finding parts. He is very attentive to detail and his wife is one of the best interior detailers I’ve ever come across! I recommend them 15/10! He is an awesome man, husband, and father and will get the job done for you cheaper and better!"


"Excellent service and value. The technician showed complete mastery of his craft. I compare being an auto mechanic in today's world to being similar to that of the Veterinary discipline in that the knowledge must encompass numerous patient types in order to be successful. The technician had just come from a custom job on an older vehicle to my stock 2011 Ford F-150 and he knew all about how to troubleshoot the computer system right there in my own driveway. He saved me money by correcting the previous information I was given by someone else. It turned out that I didn't need to go to a shop to fix my vehicles problem. On his recommendation, I was able to go a few blocks away to the auto store, get the part and fix the problem myself for far, far less than I had expected. I'm certainly no mechanic but I'm also (like most people) not completely helpless around vehicles. This was the perfect experience from my perspective. Honest mechanics are notoriously difficult to find. Thank you for doing what you do so well."


"I know nothing about cars. If you want an honest mechanic... Cletes auto repair is for you!! I went to another mechanic and they told me my motor was blown and I needed a new one... so i talked to the wife and she insisted I get a second opinion or a lower price other than paying 4,000$ For a replacement motor.. So I showed up at cletes auto repair I told him what happened and he said lemme take a look. It ended up being the crank sensor and Matt charged me 170$ out the door.. cletes saved me a ton of money and have earned my business for life.. thank you cletes auto!"


"Clete’s Auto Service always goes above and beyond to make sure my car is running right and to make sure I get the best deal on parts. In the past I was quoted a laundry list of repairs that “needed to be done” by an oil change company. I asked Clete’s to look at the estimate and get me their price to repair my car. Not only did they save me money but they also saved me from making a lot of unnecessary repairs. I would highly recommend Clete’s Auto Service."


"Fast service! Very knowledgeable! Great Customer Service! Clete's had us up and running so quickly! Thank you so much!!"


"Very friendly honest reliable mechanic! Not to mention great prices! was on time for a scheduled appointment and got the job done!"


"By far the best services and mechanic I have found. Very affordable (best prices/ quotes) friendly and respectful!He didn't just explain what the issue was on my car but he showed me the exact part and piece that was causing the issues!Absolutely would recommend their services!!!!"


Honestly best mechanic my wife ever used. He was honest and very easy going so reasonable. She felt completely comfortable and was very reliable. He took the time to show her exactly what he was doing before he did the job and explained the cost upfront. It was more then excellent service. 👌We will use him again and again. Worth every penny. :)


"By far the best services and mechanic I have found. Very affordable (best prices/ quotes) friendly and respectful!
He didn't just explain what the issue was on my car but he showed me the exact part and piece that was causing the issues!
Absolutely would recommend their services!!!!"


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"fantastic job walked me over the phone how to fix my issue to get my truck mobile so I can take it to a shop! he told he we would come in person to fix it but i was just way to far away! 100% recommend this shop"


"Matt did a great job! Diagnosed my check light and repaired my car in less time than he quoted me. Saved me 660 dollars over what the dealership was asking."


Recommend highly. Cost was reasonable, service occurred same day and Matt is knowledgeable. Love that he was friendly and explained the work he was performing on my vehicle. Am so happy to have found Clete's Auto Service!


"Clete’s auto service replaced my turbo charger on my 2013 Chevy Cruze did a great job with a very fair priceVery happy customer"


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